Coursing Slušovice - 6.8.2022

Mistrovství ČR - CHRTI Moravský pohár, CACT, V4
Deadline for cancellation 18th Jul 2022 23:59
Deadline for enrollment 18th Jul 2022 23:59
Acceptance of dogs 6th Aug 2022 07:00
Event start 6th Aug 2022 09:30
Event end 7th Aug 2022 18:30
Event status

  Occupancy 114 / 500     Participated   114 Not attended   0

Mem. Type Handler Dog
Race Jana Š. (Praha 4) Ashaki Wawindaji Kidogo (Basenji)
Race Lucie P. (Brno) Dibi (Basenji)
Race Lucie P. (Brno) Ghini (Basenji)
Race Ludmila T. (p.Křetín) Bentley Camino Bianca (Italský chrtík)
Race Marta Plesnikova P. (Zlín 5) Bianca Fragoletta (Italský chrtík)
Race Jiří Š. (Zakřany) Buggy Camino Bianca (Italský chrtík)
Race Lenka M. (Horní Bříza) Danielle Amore Estivo Ferrino Chelsea (Italský chrtík)
License Jiří P. (Příbram 5) Donnet Annaperla (Italský chrtík)
Race Marta W. (Czerwionka) Etna Prestissimo (Italský chrtík)
Race Andrea V. (Hodonín) Giorgina Annaperla - Ginka (Italský chrtík)
Race Jan P. (Mosonmagyarovar) GREYTODAY Thayah (Italský chrtík)
Race Jan P. (Mosonmagyarovar) GREYTODAY Tobie (Italský chrtík)
Race Jan P. (Mosonmagyarovar) GREYTODAY Ullaya (Italský chrtík)
Race Jan P. (Mosonmagyarovar) GREYTODAY Uwe (Italský chrtík)
Race Jan P. (Mosonmagyarovar) JOPIE Mraja-Soann (Italský chrtík)
Race Zdeněk B. (Svatobořice-Mistřřín) Magia Tileco (Italský chrtík)
Race Marta W. (Czerwionka) Solstice Light Awaken Force (Italský chrtík)
Race Zdeněk B. (Svatobořice-Mistřřín) Tilli Tileco (Italský chrtík)
Race Andrea V. (Hodonín) Ultra Ginetta Anaperla - Žanett (Italský chrtík)
Race Jana Ď. (Bratislava) Wind Flower Feritte Bugsy (Italský chrtík)
Race Jiří P. (Příbram 5) Zoomee Annaperla (Italský chrtík)
Race Zdeněk B. (Svatobořice-Mistřřín) Peppe Tileco (Italský chrtík sprinter)
Race Natálie B. (Brno) Zagato Annaperla (Italský chrtík sprinter)
Race Lumír L. (Nový Jičín) Aramis del Gelso Bianco (Sicilský chrt)
Race Eva H. (Praha 8) Abryanne Petrificus Totalus (Whippet)
Race Lucie K. (Praha 6 - Řepy) Ace of Galaxy Fast Beat (Whippet)
Race Iva N. (Vysoké Mýto) Amber Petrificus Totalus (Whippet)
Race Nikola K. (Pasohlávky) Amulet z Hedvábí (Whippet)
Race Eliška K. (Praha 5) Angel Star Fast Beat (Whippet)
Race Radka N. (Praha) Anna Chloe Bon Esprit (Whippet)
Race Markéta M. (Bohumín) Annie Heart Martinovská louka (Whippet)
Race Petra M. (Svitavy) Antoanett Bon Esprit (Whippet)
Race Michaela K. (Zdiby) Az-Thor Fast Beat (Whippet)
Race Markéta N. (Rudice) Azalli Perseid Domestic Angel (Whippet)
Race Markéta N. (Rudice) Bea Julliette Domestic Angel (Whippet)
Race Hana N. (Brno) Bechanel Tokoto Trikonto (Whippet)
Race Šárka S. (Mikulčice) Buster Čebuko (Whippet)
Race Lucie S. (Praha 6) Cizinka z Hedvábí (Whippet)
Race Marlena W. (Oświęcim) DALENA Gallaunt (Whippet)
Race Martina F. (Plzeň) De Cameron Invisible Wings (Whippet)
Race Marie S. (Křelov) Delightfull Diana Sweet Collection (Whippet)
Race Zdeněk R. (Brno) Enzo Ferrari Millenium Fantasy (Whippet)
Race Joanna B. (Racibórz) EVENING JEWEL Gallaunt (Whippet)
Race Marlena W. (Oświęcim) Fit for Speed (FCI) FOO FIGHTER (Whippet)
Race Szymon T. (Katowice) Fit for speed FLYING ROCKET (Whippet)
Race Zora B. (Velké Přílepy) Fun Boy Xavier Zarya (Whippet)
Race Danuta K. (Katowice) G- LUCY DON GREGOR (Whippet)
Race Roman P. (Praha) GRACE Czech Spring (Whippet)
Race Anna S. (Racibórz) GROGU GALLAUNT (Whippet)
Race Roland M. (Baška) Hannah Trixtan (Whippet)
Race Veronika J. (Bratislava) Christopher Trixtan (Whippet)
Race Martin P. (Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz) Iasmin Trixtan (Whippet)
License Iva N. (Vysoké Mýto) Isabell White Princess Loop Line (Whippet)
Race Veronika M. (Horní Město) Izzy Loop Line (Whippet)
Race Hana N. (Brno) Overdose Bohemia Snap Dog (Whippet)
Race Marianna S. (Warsaw) PRETTY GIRL Aga-Rena (Whippet)
License Petra M. (Svitavy) Reffton Sugar Y Vanilla (Whippet)
Race Robert M. (Banino) SHANGRI-LA Rushmaniac (FCI) (Whippet)
Race Beata W. (Zabrze) SHERLOCK Rushmaniac (Whippet)
Race Aleksandra S. (Knurów) TACO Rushmaniac (Whippet)
Race Krzysztof A. (Tychy) TEQUILA Rushmaniac FCI (Whippet)
Race Robert M. (Banino) UZO Rushmaniac (FCI) (Whippet)
Race Ewelina S. (Knurów) YASPIS Alikana (FCI) (Whippet)
Race Veronika M. (Horní Město) Arney Petrificus Totalus (Whippet sprinter)
Race Anna W. (Martin) ASSON Il Sogno Reale (Whippet sprinter)
Race Jana T. (Ostrava) Be My Bad Boy Petrificus Totalus (Whippet sprinter)
Race Petra M. (Svitavy) Be My Blue Queen Petrificus Totalus (Whippet sprinter)
Race Ladislava F. (Holasice) Be My Lucky Boy (Buddy), CHS Petrificus Totalus (Whippet sprinter)
Race Aleš H. (Praha) Bloggy Il sogno reale (Whippet sprinter)
Race Tomáš A. (Moravská Třebová) Bonnya Il Sogno Reale (Whippet sprinter)
Race Lucie K. (Hýskov) Braelly Il Sogno Reale (Whippet sprinter)
Race Monika Chmelíková C. (Brandýs nad Labem) Brywen Il Sogno Reale (Whippet sprinter)
Race Lenka S. (Bratislava) Casper Green Marsh-Mallow life (Whippet sprinter)
Race Klaudia K. (Wilkszyn) FERNO FIANO Gallaunt (FCI) (Whippet sprinter)
Race Mateusz B. (Warsaw) Fit for Speed (FCI) FIRESTARTER (Whippet sprinter)
Race Marlena W. (Oświęcim) Fit for Speed (FCI) FORMULA 1 (Whippet sprinter)
Race Joanna B. (Racibórz) FONDO FREDO Gallaunt (Whippet sprinter)
Race Klaudia K. (Wilkszyn) FORCE FIORE Gallaunt (FCI) (Whippet sprinter)
Race Lenka F. (Krásná Lípa) Chio Chips Modrý hit (Whippet sprinter)
Race Zora B. (Velké Přílepy) Chocolate Boy Elliot Modrý hit (Whippet sprinter)
Race Agnieszka K. (Świętochłowice) Pretty Pagawa (Whippet sprinter)
Race Robert M. (Banino) RUSH OF WIND Brodwinek (Whippet sprinter)
Race Ferenc J. (Szekesfehervar) Tisza-Parti Szelvesz Zengo (Whippet sprinter)
Race Nikola K. (Pasohlávky) Torshammarens MS Tore (Whippet sprinter)
Mem. Type Handler Dog
Race Ľubica T. (Plzeň) Avalanche Daraska (Barzoj - ruský chrt)
Race ŠÁRKA DOLEŽALOVÁ D. (Kameničky) Cavallierik Umka (Barzoj - ruský chrt)
Race Barbora S. (ostrava) King Henry of VIII Krylov(Rufus) (Barzoj - ruský chrt)
Race Naďa H. (Sulejovice) Kiss and Tell Matrioshka (Barzoj - ruský chrt)
Race Lenka V. (Brno) Odesza "Eliška" Bistkupstwo (Barzoj - ruský chrt)
Race andrea j. (hořovice) Ailis Under Sharp Hill (Deerhound)
Race andrea j. (hořovice) Aisha Under Sharp Hill (Deerhound)
Race andrea j. (hořovice) BlossomRose Under Sharp Hill (Deerhound)
Race Zuzana Lelova L. (Beroun) Bumble-bee (Deerhound)
Race andrea j. (hořovice) Candy Crush Under Sharp Hill (Deerhound)
Race Monika C. (Líbeznice) Just Coffee Akasha (Faraónský pes)
Race Zuzana B. (Šestajovice) Caroline Siderit (Irský vlkodav)
Race Anna N. (Havířov) Diamond Abba Sang Royal (Irský vlkodav)
Race Monika V. (Hranice) Gamp Ar'Daroth (Irský vlkodav)
License Zuzana Lelova L. (Beroun) Chardonnay (Irský vlkodav)
Race Markéta S. (Černá Hora) Legacy Hunter von Theresienstein (Irský vlkodav)
Race Marie G. (Šumperk) Luz de Canera de Mouclem (Kanárský podenco)
Race Petra L. (Topolná) Akechi Yon Sunaarashi (Saluki - Perský chrt)
Race Hana B. (Pozlovice) Alayla Hanesi (Saluki - Perský chrt)
Race Markéta B. (Uherské Hradiště) Alucard Ni Sunaarashi (Saluki - Perský chrt)
Race Karolina F. (Praha 10) Anoush Century Mohabbat (Saluki - Perský chrt)
Race Hana V. (Slušovice) Basilah Devon exe (Saluki - Perský chrt)
Race Hana B. (Pozlovice) Bria Hanesi (Saluki - Perský chrt)
Race Denisa J. (Pustiměř) Inaya Al Zahra (Saluki - Perský chrt)
Race Hana K. (Halenkovice) Jazah’s T’aimu Jaff’ar Asmaanii (Saluki - Perský chrt)
Race Petra K. (Svatý Mikuláš) Aragorn Element Adrenaline (Španělský galgo)
Race Petra K. (Svatý Mikuláš) Caritas Palesio Ojo Calienta (Španělský galgo)
Race Petra K. (Svatý Mikuláš) Mozart de Galgos de la Cruz (Španělský galgo)


Title Slušovice
GPS 49.255302, 17.799043 »
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Prosíme, udržujte pořádek. 

  Entry fee / 2 runs

    License   Race
 Member 350 CZK 850 CZK
 Nonmember 400 CZK 1000 CZK


  Event description


1ST DOG - 40€

DOMESTIC: 2000816404/2010
IBAN: CZ3620100000002000816404

  Conditions of participation

Conditions for all participants:
Running is subject to: harnesses, collars. The handler who will not respect these conditions will not be allowed to run!
Dogs are under the supervision of owners, racing on the track is fined 500 CZK.
Dogs run with muzzle that does not cause them pain, allow them to breathe freely and prevent injury to the dog by pulley or injury to the other dog.
Pass a valid eyeball with the current owner's name on the check.
Do not forget enough water for the dog.

Safety precautions:
Animals with visible wounds and pregnant females will not be admitted to the grounds (only in agreement with the organizer).
It is strictly forbidden to freely run dogs!
Dogs are the responsibility of their owners.
Possible damage or loss is not paid by the organizer!
The organizer does not in any way assume responsibility for accidents, injuries, or illnesses that have been suffered by the participants in the event or caused by themselves!
Any doping is prohibited!

Veterinary regulations:
Coursingu can only participate in clinically healthy dogs, accompanied by a vaccination card or pet passport, which contains a record of valid rabies vaccination.
Dogs who have not passed at the specified time by veterinary examination may not participate in the race.
Since 1.3.2004, the Act on the Protection of Animals against Torture Act No. 246/1992 Coll., As amended, especially as amended by Act No. 77/2004 Coll. prohibiting the propagation of animal abuse by showing at public events.
Therefore, a dog with eared ears will not be admitted to the public canine action.

Addendum for race:

All kinds of doping are forbidden !!! Paragraph 1. 9. Doping see the National Race and Coursing Rules.
Exclusion of the participant
Any dogs in the course of the race will be excluded at any time by clearly outrageous, invasive dogs
people and other dogs, and dogs not controlled by their dog handlers, unscrupulous handlers, violations of sentences and orders, animal welfare rules (including punishment and harsh treatment of dogs) and violations of good morals.

Exclusion of the participant
Out of the competition will be excluded at any time by dogs apparently attacking, invading persons or other dogs, and dogs not controlled by their dog handlers, unsportsmanlike handlers, violations of sentences and orders, animal welfare rules (including punishment and brutal treatment with a dog) and in violation of good morals.

Objections and complaints may be filed only in writing in the race office after the principal has been deposited with CZK 500, which, in case the protest is unjustified, falls to the organizer. Otherwise, the principal shall be returned to the proposer. The protest must be submitted in writing to the head of the coursing course during the race, otherwise it will not be accepted. The protest will be discussed by a commission composed of the race judges and the race manager. It shall inform the appellant of the outcome of the hearing without undue delay. Further, a written record will be made to discuss the protest, which will be forwarded to the DaC Commission of ČMKU together with the "Coursing Race Report".

The responsibility of the organizer and officers of the coursing race is governed by the provisions of Article 1.12 of the National Race and Coursing Regulations. Neither the organizer nor coursing officials are responsible for injuries caused by dog owners, handlers, dogs, or officials themselves. They also reject all responsibility for lost dogs. The dog owner is not responsible if his dog hurts a second dog during a coursing session. In all other cases, the owner takes over his own
dog full responsibility.